bible-readingAn important part of following Jesus and meeting together is to study the life and teachings of Jesus as have been faithfully recorded in the Bible. The Bible puts Jesus' life into the bigger context of who God is (and his work in the world), and who we are. Each week at our meetings we spend some time looking at a part of the Bible and considering what that means for our lives.

Sermon series For 2018

TERM 1: The 10 Commandments!

TERM 2: "But what about...?"
A series working through some of the most popular reasons given for dismissing Christianity.

TERM 3: John 1-5 - A Clear Word From God

TERM 4: 2 Timothy and Titus

Recent sermons

Jun 9, 2019Don't Forget! (Deut 8)Mark WilliamsonDeut 6-13Don't Forget! (Deut 8)
Jun 2, 2019How well do you know them?Mark WilliamsonFamily ServiceHow well do you know them?
May 12, 2019Teach The Children (Deut 6.10-25)Mark WilliamsonDeut 6-13Teach The Children (Deut 6.10-25)
Apr 20, 2019Easter Sunday 2019Mark WilliamsonStand alone talksEaster Sunday 2019
Apr 13, 2019The Hour Has Come (John 12:20-50)Mark WilliamsonJohn Ch.6-12The Hour Has Come (John 12:20-50)
Apr 7, 2019Public Response (John 12.1-19)Mark WilliamsonJohn Ch.6-12Public Response (John 12.1-19)
Mar 31, 2019Dead Men Tell No Tales (John 11)Mark WilliamsonJohn Ch.6-12Dead Men Tell No Tales (John 11)
Mar 24, 2019The Oneness of Jesus (John 10:22-42)Josh TaylorJohn Ch.6-12The Oneness of Jesus (John 10:22-42)
Mar 10, 2019The Good Shepherd (John 10:1-21)Mark WilliamsonJohn Ch.6-12The Good Shepherd (John 10:1-21)
Mar 3, 2019Healing Spiritual Blindness (John 9)Josh TaylorJohn Ch.6-12Healing Spiritual Blindness (John 9)

Past sermon series

The Reformation

1 Timothy