bible-readingAn important part of following Jesus and meeting together is to study the life and teachings of Jesus as have been faithfully recorded in the Bible. The Bible puts Jesus' life into the bigger context of who God is (and his work in the world), and who we are. Each week at our meetings we spend some time looking at a part of the Bible and considering what that means for our lives.

Sermon series for 2019

TERM 1: John's Gospel chapters 6-12

TERM 2: Deuteronomy 6-12

TERM 3: "Short and Sharp" - a series on some of the short books of the Bible

  • Jude (July 22)
  • Obadiah (July 27 )
  • 2 John (Aug 4)
  • 3 John (Aug 11)
  • Philemon (Aug 18)
  • Haggai (Sept 1, 8, 15)
  • Zephaniah (Sept 22)

August 25: The Big Top!
A special day of teaching looking at the issue of depression and anxiety. In place of our regular service times we will have a combined morning of talks.

TERM 4: Paul's letter to the Romans

Recent sermons

Mar 29, 2020The Other Lord's Prayer (Jn 17)Mark WilliamsonJohn 13-21The Other Lord's Prayer (Jn 17)
Mar 22, 2020John 16:16-33Josh TaylorJohn 13-21John 16:16-33
Mar 8, 2020Let Your Heart Be CourageousMark WilliamsonFamily ServiceLet Your Heart Be Courageous
Mar 1, 2020The Work of the SpiritJosh TaylorJohn 13-21The Work of the Spirit
Feb 23, 2020De Vine JoyMark WilliamsonJohn 13-21De Vine Joy
Feb 16, 2020Peace In Our TimeMark WilliamsonJohn 13-21Peace In Our Time
Feb 9, 2020Prepared For The Future (John 14:1-14)Mark WilliamsonJohn 13-21Prepared For The Future (John 14:1-14)
Feb 2, 2020Foot Washing (John 13)Mark WilliamsonJohn 13-21Foot Washing (John 13)
Jan 19, 2020Psa 6 - Mercy Follows RepentanceDavid GilmourPsalmsPsa 6 - Mercy Follows Repentance
Jan 12, 2020Psa 5 - When God Answers Our CriesDavid GilmourPsalmsPsa 5 - When God Answers Our Cries

Past sermon series

The Reformation

1 Timothy