About God

What a bold claim. To say that a web site can tell you about God. Could you imagine Facebook designed so that every one else could put up a description about you but you didn't have a say: who you are, what you are like, what you do, what you enjoy - all described by other people.  Could any one get to know the true you?

And so it is with God. It doesn't matter what we think, or even what you think. God is God. What does God say about himself?

So at St Peters Seven Hills we like God to speak for himself. And God is not silent. From the dawn of time creation has revealed his sustaining nature. He has also worked throughout history to teach, save, rebuke, and guide his people.

And 2,000 years ago God sent Jesus to make himself known clearly and completely, and to help us connect with God.

So if you really want to know about God, why not ask the one true expert - Jesus. And we can find out about Jesus in the Bible.

That's what we aim to do at St Peters each week. The Bible is about letting God speak to us about him. Through bible reading, sermons, bible studies and discussion groups we eagerly wait to find out about God.

If you would like to see a simple explanation of what the Bible teaches about God and Jesus, you can look at a presentation by following the following link:
Two Ways To Live