bible-readingAn important part of following Jesus and meeting together is to study the life and teachings of Jesus as have been faithfully recorded in the Bible. The Bible puts Jesus' life into the bigger context of who God is (and his work in the world), and who we are. Each week at our meetings we spend some time looking at a part of the Bible and considering what that means for our lives.

Recent sermons

Nov 15, 2020Introducing Paul (Acts 9)Mark WilliamsonActs missionIntroducing Paul (Acts 9)
Nov 8, 2020Opposition (Acts 4)Josh TaylorActs missionOpposition (Acts 4)
Nov 1, 2020Pentecost (Acts 2)Mark WilliamsonActs missionPentecost (Acts 2)
Oct 25, 2020Going Up In The World? (Acts 1)Mark WilliamsonActs missionGoing Up In The World? (Acts 1)
Sep 20, 2020Let Grace Flourish (Jonah 4)Mark WilliamsonJonahLet Grace Flourish (Jonah 4)
Sep 13, 2020Second Chance (Jonah 3)Mark WilliamsonJonahSecond Chance (Jonah 3)
Sep 6, 2020From the Depths (Jonah 2)Josh TaylorJonahFrom the Depths (Jonah 2)
Aug 30, 2020Declining Prophet (Jonah 1)Mark WilliamsonJonahDeclining Prophet (Jonah 1)
Aug 23, 2020Legacy (Ruth 4)Mark WilliamsonRuthLegacy (Ruth 4)
Aug 16, 2020The Threshing Floor (Ruth 3)Mark WilliamsonRuthThe Threshing Floor (Ruth 3)

Past sermon series

The Reformation

1 Timothy